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People are suffering.  People are going hungry, or cold, or both.  With prices and inflation near historical highs, no relief exists.  NB housing costs are seeing some of the most rapid increases in the country, and the costs of heating our homes has outstripped the ability of many to pay – there’s just nothing left.

Food banks are reporting substantial increases in use with significant decreases in donations.  Many who were once frequent donors have become users themselves.  People are choosing between heat and food, between shelter and food.  Some experts anticipate as much as a 60% increase in people needing the assistance of food banks over the winter months.

NB has a significant surplus.  While financial responsibility is one thing, no government should be sitting on large surpluses while people go hungry.

We call on the Premier to immediately address this crisis in food security by meeting with the provinces’ food banks and assuring them that they will have the resources necessary to meet the needs of clients throughout the winter months.

This program should be put in place as soon as possible and remain in place through at minimum, April 30th.

Let no NB citizen in need go hungry.

On behalf of Rick DeSaulniers and the People’s Alliance Team.