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For a government that likes to promote itself as “getting things done” and “not kicking the can down the road,” it sure isn’t in a hurry to do much to help our lowest-income, most vulnerable citizens survive, let alone thrive. For instance, despite the alarming rent increase, we have not seen any significant steps the government took to address this issue.

“Rents in New Brunswick increased 4 times faster in a year than target set by province.” CBC – May 22, 2024

“Rents go through the roof in New Brunswick” – Telegraph Journal – May 22, 2024

Statistics Canada reports rents in NB jumped 10.8 percent, the most east of Alberta” (Alberta’s population grew by 202,324 in only one year)

Yesterday’s headlines paint a grim picture that we should be far from proud of. Despite promises dating back to mid-2021, the PC government’s inaction has allowed the rental crisis to escalate at an alarming rate. The 10.8% increase in average rent is the most severe escalation in the past four years, leaving many of our fellow citizens struggling to make ends meet.

A “COVID” era rent cap expired on Dec. 31, 2022, and has not been replaced despite numerous promises by Minister Jill Green over the past two years that “nothing was off the table, including enacting a rent cap.” It’s disheartening to see such promises go unfulfilled, especially when they could have made a significant difference in the lives of our citizens.

Last year, Minister Green released New Brunswick’s housing strategy, which included a goal of lowering annual rent increases to “an average of 2.5 percent.”

Instead, they have risen to four times that level.

Despite the Premier and his Minister’s contention that reducing or eliminating the provincial portion of the HST on new rental builds will not work, it’s working quite effectively in PEI and NS.

Premier Higgs would have us believe that New Brunswick, under his leadership, is “Stronger than Ever.” The People’s Alliance, on the other hand, contends that we are only as strong as our most vulnerable – and they are getting weaker by the day under this government. We are committed to fighting for affordable housing and will continue until our most vulnerable citizens are no longer at risk.

New Brunswickers expect better. Furthermore, they deserve better.

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