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People’s Alliance call on Minister of Public Safety Kris Austin to apologize for his insulting lack of compassion in comparing a St. Stephen’s homeless man’s recent passing to “people dying all the time in car accidents.”

We cannot imagine how the friends and family of this individual must feel, nor can we accept such an analogy for the hundreds of people living without the most basic of life’s necessities going into winter.  To hear this from the government sworn to act on your behalf certainly doesn’t give you much hope.

Continuing this government’s habit of pointing fingers and blaming others while failing to act, Public Safety Minister Kris Austin called a State of Emergency declared by St. Stephen’s over homelessness inappropriate and unnecessary and declared that no State of Emergency exists.  Austin then went further, blaming the current crisis of homelessness across the province on leftist policies and agendas degrading society across the country.

At no time did Minister Austin mention the delayed action, broken promises, and missed deadlines of his own government on homelessness, mental health, addiction, and affordable housing as having any responsibility for the current crisis.

NBer’s, deserve better.