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Under Rick DeSaulniers’s solid leadership and with supporters like you by its side, the PA is stronger than it’s ever been.

The People’s Alliance has a healthcare plan that includes improving patients’ flow through the system and exiting them back home or going to the next step in their future for improved quality of life.   Our plan to address affordable housing is multi-faceted, including the use of an inflation-based rent cap on units over five years old to protect existing and vulnerable tenants while allowing the market to dictate new construction, which will protect both tenants and developers.

Committed to a complete ban on the use of glyphosate on Crown Lands, meaningful Tax Reform, and citizen accountability through the initiation of an MLA recall process, the People’s Alliance will govern with empathy, compassion, and a people-centric approach.

We are ready to represent the people of New Brunswick, hold the government accountable, and deliver solid results that will make a difference. However, we cannot make such an impact without the support of key partners like you.

We see a significant need for a solid, common-sense government in New Brunswick that recognizes that PEOPLE MATTER.

How you can help:

Volunteer – Many hands make light work. From knocking on doors, making phone calls, supporting your local candidate, and spreading the word to hosting a meeting or dinner in your community, the ways you can help are as boundless as our gratitude for your support.

Candidates – It takes a special person to put themselves out there, offering to serve their community. It’s not easy; it’s not always fun but rewarding in ways you can’t imagine. If you’ve ever thought, “Maybe someday,” someday is today. If you know of someone you trust, respect, and know would represent you, talk to them. While some ridings have candidates in place, we are still accepting applications/nominations for several ridings. Be a part of making a difference.

Financial – We’re not one of those parties who will ask you for $600.00 to eat a $60.00 meal in the same room as our leader or $300.00 to eat with a candidate – but we do need your help. We can do more with $10.00 than the other guys can with $100.00. Elections aren’t cheap, such as renting halls, buying signs, paying for gas, travel, advertising, etc. We need your help; however, with donations being tax-deductible, it doesn’t cost much at all to make a huge difference – see the chart below. As a bonus – visit our store at and support us with a hat, t-shirt, mug, or other merchandise. Your donation will be appreciated, as will the advertising of having you display our gear!

Amount of Contribution Tax Credit
$200 or less 75% of contribution
More than $200 up to $550 $150 plus 50% of contribution exceeding $200
More than $550 up to $1, 075 $325 plus 33.33% of contribution exceeding $550
Maximum credit of $500