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People’s Alliance has always believed that an MLA is an employee of the people and should be replaced if they aren’t doing their job satisfactorily.  This has been a part of our party policy for many years and continues to be a promise from us to the people of New Brunswick.

Here’s how a recall process could look:

MLA Recall Process

Eighteen months after an election or byelection and until six months before the next general election, an eligible NB voter living in the MLA’s Riding and registered to vote currently and at the time of the last election in that Riding can apply to recall their MLA by applying to the Chief Electoral Officer for a petition.

If the application is approved, a petition will be issued to collect signatures supporting the recall.

The petitioner would then have 60 days to gather signatures from a designated % (40 % – 50%) of eligible voters in that constituency.  The applicant can use volunteers (canvassers) who must also be residents of that riding to gather the signatures and must appoint a Financial Agent and apply for the right to Advertise or Sponsor a recall initiative.

Once the signatures have been gathered, they would be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer, who would validate them and ensure the threshold has been met.

If the petition is successful, a recall vote would be held in the riding to determine if the elected official should be recalled.  If the vote succeeds, the official ceases to hold office, and a by-election will be held.