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The People’s Alliance has long called for a ban on the use of Glyphosate on Crown Lands.

In addition, a People’s Alliance Government would:

  • Reduce the size and percentage of clear-cutting allowances on Crown Land to balance economic viability and environmental concerns.
  • Preserve water and soil by safeguarding conservation areas and buffer strips (brooks, streams, rivers).
  • Increase primary sources for private woodlot owners with fair market values.
  • Provide competitive access to crown land for current mills and new industrial opportunities.
  • Work with our First Nations to engage in responsible resource management that respects Aboriginal Rights.
  • Ensure the Department of Natural Resources directs policies and planning without political or corporate meddling.
  • Mandate an exhaustive review by the Auditor General of allocation, forest management, royalties, stumpage fees, etc.
  • Work with industry to develop new and innovative uses of pulp wood.
  • Ensure crown lands are accessible to the people of New Brunswick for responsible recreational use.