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Expanding Nursing/Special Care Home Capacity


Hundreds of ALC beds in the province are and have been, empty due to a shortage of staff to provide adequate care. People’s Alliance is committed to recruiting and retaining healthcare workers, personal support workers, and relevant support staff to provide the level of care our loved ones deserve.


Many existing homes have the facilities to add beds with renovation or expansion at less time and cost than new construction, making it far easier to add beds where they are needed across the province than a single new construction would allow.


Our population continues to grow. Now or in the future, additional construction will be required. Planning should begin immediately, not once a crisis occurs.


Other Healthcare Initiatives:


  • Eliminate the doctor billing number system to retain and recruit family doctors.
  • Increase the number of Specialist positions to reduce wait times for consultation, treatment, or surgery.
  • Ensure that compensation is competitive with regional jurisdictions and workloads.
  • Establish a new program within ERs to provide alternative care for non-urgent cases without other reasonable alternatives.
  • Increase resources for and develop accessible and effective mental health care and addiction treatment.
  • Enhance and expand training and education programs here in New Brunswick to meet the needs of our province.
  • Increase resources and grants available to help families keep their loved ones at home as long as possible. Work with non-profits providing these and other in-home services.
  • Recognize and ease the burden of financial constraints confronting seniors living at home.
  • Profit from selling Alcohol and Cannabis should not be seen as a general revenue stream for the government. It should instead be explicitly earmarked for healthcare (including mental health and addictions) and education.