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Exiting Alternate Level Care (ALC) patients from Acute Care Beds

At any given time, hundreds of Acute Care Hospital Beds are unavailable across the province due to them being occupied by individuals requiring an alternate level of care, meaning that they no longer require medical care in a hospital, but have nowhere suitable to go and cannot be released.

As a result of limited availability of Acute Care Beds:

  • Emergency Rooms are backed up with patients waiting to be admitted, causing delays in seeing other patients and causing gridlocks in the waiting room.
  • Ambulances experience lengthy off-load delays while paramedics wait to transfer care of the patients they have transported.
  • Television and Family Rooms have sometimes been converted into make-shift hospital rooms. At times, patients have been housed in hallways for days with no room available.
  • Surgeries have been delayed or outright canceled.

A People’s Alliance Government will take all steps including amending legislation to allow ALC patents to be placed temporarily in any Nursing/Special Care Home available within their region until a preferred location becomes available.