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Following weeks of outrage, controversy, and a very public falling-out with the former Minister of Education, the Higgs government has scrapped its plan to scrap French Immersion in the fall.

No one is surprised by this decision – there is a well-known standard practice with this government of rolling out poorly considered, poorly thought-out plans only to pull them back once they recognize their unavoidable failure.

French Immersion in NB is far from a solid, effective program. It has many flaws and failures. People’s Alliance has long maintained the faults with this program, and we continue to do so. We weren’t opposed to removing French Immersion because we love the current situation; we were opposed because this plan was even worse.

When your washer is not working, most people don’t replace it with a dryer or just discard it. You fix it or replace it. You make it better. You go after better results. You make it fairer.

And you never remove a parent’s right to choose.

Lesson learned? We doubt it.