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Affordable Housing


People’s Alliance supports rent caps to protect safe affordable housing for New Brunswick citizens. Applying a rent cap on existing tenants and any unit over 5 years old ensures that unscrupulous activity does not render our most vulnerable without protection.

In addition to the reasonable use of rent caps, a People’s Alliance Government would:

  • Make the repair and maintenance of public housing a priority.
  • Ensure that our current public housing stock meets our population’s needs and take steps to right-size it if necessary.
  • Tie provincial grants to developers to create a percentage of affordable and diverse housing units to fit all needs and work with municipalities to compel the same.
  • Enact legislation to make it illegal for a property owner/superintendent to inquire about family status or any other right under the Human Rights Act before signing a rental agreement in non-owner-occupied buildings.
  • Enact legislation applying penalties to property owners found to discriminate based on any protected human right characteristic in non-owner-occupied buildings.
  • A rental subsidy certificate should be considered a source of income and, as such, be protected from discrimination and would, therefore, not require disclosure before entering a rental agreement.


Other Housing Initiatives:


  • Increase staff and enforcement officers to investigate, inspect, and resolve landlord/tenant matters, including, where necessary, inspection of a property/unit.
  • Collaborate with municipalities to determine and, if necessary, regulate the number of short-term rentals to minimize the impact on housing availability.
  • Work with Community Colleges and Trade Schools to ensure every step possible is being taken to meet the needs of our labor force, including real-life experience and on-the-job training/certification where possible.
  • Encourage municipalities to review zoning requirements and take steps to reduce sprawl and encourage diversity of housing in new construction.