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The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick

Accountability, Transparency, Cooperation.

The People’s Alliance will inspire New Brunswickers to trust their government again, and we will do this by putting the needs of the people ahead of political agendas through the introduction and promotion of sound policies, common sense decision making and working collectively to improve New Brunswick for future generations.

Knowing this, we established five core values that we believe define who we are, what we believe, and how we act.

1. Fiscal Responsibility

For New Brunswick to prosper, we must always treat the spending of taxpayer money as if we are spending our own. Today’s debt and deficits become taxes for future generations.

You can’t spend your way to prosperity.  On the flip side, you can’t cut your way there, either.  Decisions regarding spending must look at both the short-term and long-term goals and impacts, as well as who will benefit.

2. Democracy

The People’s Alliance will govern the province for the people of the province.  We believe that the government is employed by the citizens.  Our job is to be the voice of the people in the legislature—not a voice of the legislature to the people.

We will listen to different voices and opinions, gather information, compile data, and determine our direction and actions from that.

3. Fairness and Equality of Opportunity

We believe that every New Brunswicker should have an equal opportunity for success and that all citizens of our province should be treated equally. We will work towards maximizing opportunities and access for everyone.

4. Leadership

We believe in leadership and in leading by example. The People’s Alliance and its leadership will never ask New Brunswickers to make sacrifices they would not make themselves or bestow benefits upon themselves they would not pass on to everyday people.

5. Working Collaboratively

The People’s Alliance recognizes it takes a collaborative effort for the province to succeed. We are always willing to work with others to advance New Brunswick’s best interests.

Rick DeSaulniers – Party Leader

Rick is the former MLA for Fredericton-York and knows that the only way New Brunswick can thrive and compete is with the common sense approach of the People’s Alliance.

“Through grass roots efforts, the party can rebuild the lost respect of political office by demanding transparency, openness, and service that puts New Brunswickers first. The birth of this party began in 2010 with a clear understanding that our current political structure is no longer serving our best interests. With your support, we will change that.”