The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick became an official political party in June 2010. Our members seek a more active role in our provincial government for all citizens.

In order to facilitate this change to a more democratic government, the People’s Alliance included three key principles in its constitution:

  • Free votes in the Legislative Assembly
  • Honesty in election campaigns
  • Government that is accountable to the people who elected

Rick Desaulniers – Party Leader

Rick is the former MLA for Fredericton-York and knows that the only way New Brunswick can thrive and compete is with the common sense approach of the People’s Alliance.  Through grass roots efforts the party can rebuild the lost respect of political office by demanding transparency, openness, and service that puts New Brunswickers first. The birth of this party began in 2010 with a clear understanding that our current political structure is no longer serving our best interests. With your support, we will change that.

Our Objectives

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick represents the people of New Brunswick. Our mission is to re-establish the true meaning of democracy in our Province by allowing the voice of the people to be heard, and by bringing transparency into the government.

This mission will be achieved by implementing the following policies and principles:

1. Democratic Accountability and Transparency

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick believes that government should exist to benefit the province as a whole; it should not be self-serving or cater to special interests.  The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick also believes that the most effective way to govern is to be as open and transparent as possible. Progress is made when every option is on the table and every voice is allowed to be heard.  As such, the first and foremost responsibility of all MLAs is to represent the people who elected them. Therefore, the People’s Alliance stands for the right of each elected member to have a “free vote” on all non-confidence bills and amendments tabled, without fear of party discipline. The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick would set up an independent ethics committee to oversee the promises and policies of each party during an election campaign. This committee would be given the authority to reprimand, through fines, recall, or impeachment, any candidate or party which does not fulfill campaign promises within their mandate.

2. Re-setting Financial Priorities

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick believes that the money which flows into the government’s accounts should be administered to the benefit of the people of the province. Health, education, infrastructure, social programs, and efficient regulatory bodies must be the priorities. As such, the People’s Alliance is calling for a full forensic audit to be performed on the province’s finances in order to best determine where and how those finances are being disbursed.  Spending must be evaluated critically, and must always be spent first on genuine needs for the province as a whole. ‘Wants’ must take second place. The government should not be funding special interests which do not benefit the province as a whole. Social programs must be carefully evaluated and administered to minimize abuses and maximize the potential to meet a genuine need.  Duality and duplication of services must be eliminated while ensuring service for both official languages based on real need and demographics.  The government must create a level playing field for all businesses in the province. This would include tax and power rates.  Cultural spending must be limited to projects or events which bring tangible economic and social benefit to the province as a whole, through tourism or other value-added means. It must be applied equally and fairly to all cultural groups.